~  O t h e r    J a p a r o s  ~
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Japaro Music Maestro Japaro Chase The Dream Japaro Making Music

Ch Japaro On the Razzle at Ellenyorn

Ch Japaro Midnight Storm at Lavika
( 3 CC, 4 RCC)
Japaro Show N' Tell
( SE NO UCh)

INT CH Russian CH
Japaro Rain Storm

Japaro Crest of the Storm Japaro Beyond The Storm

INT CH, PL, Slowak, Hung, Litv CH
Japaro With Vescamontana

INT CH Russian CH
Design Chaser

Japaro Razzle Dazzle Me
( 1 RCC )

Japaro Shotgun at Lochkaren

Japaro Robiadh at Lythwood

Swed CH Norw CH
Japaro Laced with Silk


Japaro Simmers of Silk

Est & Lat Junior CH, Est CH
Japaro Dance N' Dreams

Japaro Dream Design at Simcourt
( RCC )


Int, Swed, In,  Norw, Est, Lat CH
Japaro Tri To Resist

Japaro Show Me a Good Time 

Japaro Night Watchman
Int, Norw, Swed, Danish, Finn, Dutch Ch
Chasing The Storm
( 3 RCC incl.Crufts 2013)