~  Japaro Cool Jazz at Craygill ~
" Glen "
( Platinum Agility Winner

Agility Champion)

D . O . B   12-12-2008


Agility CCs:  Dundee, Aug 2012, Mr C. Wyatt

                     Lisburn, June 2013, Mrs M. Quinn

                  Lisburn, June 2014, Ms K. Leckie

       East Lothian, July 2014, Mrs J. Hart


Agility RCCs: Castlereagh, Oct 12, Mr D Redford

                        Wyre, March 2013, Mr M Hallam

                        Woodside, May 2013, Mr I Mallabar

                        East Lothian, July 2013, Mr P. Thomson

                        Wilton, August 2013, Ms K. Leckie

                       Castlereagh, Oct 2013, Mr J McEwan


Other notable achievements:

                       4th Crufts Singles Agility final, Crufts 2013

                       6th Crufts Championship Final, Crufts 2013

                       3rd Crufts Singles Agility Final, Crufts 2014

                       7th Crufts Championship Final, Crufts 2014

( Norw, Danish, Finn, Swed CH, Nordic Winner 2009/2011 , World Winner 2010/2011  Japaro Eye of the Storm, CC  -  Japaro Razzle Dazzle Me, RCC )

Owned by Mrs Jean Tuck

Japaro Cool Jazz at Craygill

KC Press Release 4th July 2016


A Shetland Sheepdog, Ag Ch Japaro Cool Jazz at Craygill, has become the first dog of any breed to be awarded the Platinum Agility Warrant, the Kennel Club has announced.

Owned by Jean Tuck of Uttoxeter in Staffordshire, Cool Jazz, or ‘Glen’ as he is known at home, is seven years old and the fourth agility dog Jean has owned.

The new level of Platinum Agility Warrant was introduced in January of this year and requires 1,200 points, 400 of which must have been achieved in 2016. An even higher level, Diamond, requiring 1,600 points, was also introduced this year.

Jean said: “It was very exciting to learn that Glen is the first dog of any breed to achieve the Platinum Agility Warrant. He is a brilliant little dog who really understands agility and always tries very hard to do the course correctly. In order to keep up with Glen, I had to lose over a stone in weight, so he has certainly helped me to keep fit. 
“I hope this achievement will encourage new people to become interested in agility and I also hope those already involved will be inspired by our achievement and will work towards the Platinum Agility Warrant too and possibly even go on to the Diamond award. That’s the great thing about agility – there’s always some new challenge to spur you on.”

Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club Secretary, said: “The new Platinum and Diamond Agility Warrants were introduced in order to provide handlers with additional goals to aim for once they have achieved the well-established Gold Agility Warrant. We are delighted that Jean has achieved the first Platinum Warrant with Glen and would urge those handlers who have already achieved Gold, and who are working towards the higher levels, to claim their new warrant as soon as they are able.”

Photo caption: Jean Tuck relaxes with her Shetland Sheepdog, Ag Ch Japaro Cool Jazz at Craygill, who has become the first Platinum Agility Warrant winner